Grave sites on the Olle trail


We walked part of the ‘Olle’ trail near Museulpo yesterday. There’s a network of these trails round the island and they look like a good way to explore the countryside. I don’t think there are any decent maps, but they’re well marked with red and blue ribbons.


I took these pictures of graves. You see them in fields and other places, often with a boundary of stones around them to keep the cows out. It’s the traditional way of burying the dead, although it doesn’t happen now – most Koreans don’t have land to do it. Even so, now is the time of year to maintain them and many have had the grass cut and are looking very tidy.

Further on in the walk, we started to climb the slopes of Museulbong Peak. It’s not very high, but the slopes are covered with graves, thousands of them, often with grave stones with Chinese writing. The higher ground also gave us views over the countryside towards Mt. Halla, in the centre of the island, although the top was covered in cloud yesterday.


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