Jeju 5-day market


A market is always a safe bet for some good photos. This is Jeju 5-day market, which happens every five days in Jeju City. There are 5-day markets in lots of locations around the island (and maybe beyond – I don’t know).


Jeju_market2A lot of the market is for food – fruit and vegetables, fish and meat – but there are plenty of other things as well. We didn’t buy any of the many kinds of fish, or the squid or the Jeju_market4cuttlefish; we didn’t buy the chrysalises or the pigs ears or chicken feet; we weren’t tempted by the puppies or kittens; we’ve already got some kimchi in the fridge so didn’t go for the pickled vegetables.

However, we did buy a trowel for 2000 Won (just over £1) and a little tangerine tree for 9000 Won (about £6), which is now planted in the garden. We also bought a small pot of rosemary, and a pot-plant (chrysanthemum?) which is now on our doorstep.

6 thoughts on “Jeju 5-day market

  1. Alan, this market looks wicked!!! I really want to try the raw octopus!! Have you and Judy done it yet? What’s your favourite Korean food so far?

    Take care and keep us posted!


    • Hi Qiaoqiao – the octopus is delicious! We’re enjoying most of the Korean food we’ve tried, with plenty of vegetables of all kinds. We had bibimbap twice yesterday, and some Korean pancakes. Alan

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