Olle trail 7

Olle_trail_7_1One of the features of Jeju is the connected set of walking routes, called Olle trails, that go round most of the island. There are 20 or so, each of a length that can be walked in a day, and generally following the coast. They’re easy to follow as they are marked at close intervals with signposts and blue and orange cloth tags. That’s just as well – we haven’t found any decent maps yet.Jeju_olle

Anyway, we did a short section of Olle trail 7 this morning, on the south coast. Most of the south coast is rocky, with cliffs, rock stacks, offshore islands and boulders on the shoreline. There are plenty of signs of Korea’s recent troubled history, and that’s a subject for another day, once I’ve done some research.

Our map tells us which places have been used to shoot scenes in Korean dramas, and Korean people come and have their photo taken in places familiar to them from the TV.

There’s plenty of life on the sea shore, and I’ve not seen anything quite like these shell fish before. I guess they’re a kind of barnacle.


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