Wando_1We’ve just been away for four days, for the Chuseok holiday. Chuseok is the Korean mid-Autumn holiday, a harvest festival when people get together with their families and share a meal together. We took a trip to the mainland, the first time we’ve left Jeju since we arrived, and I’ll post some of my holiday photos over the next few days.


So, we took a ferry to Wando, a fishing town in the south west of Korea. The coast here is dotted with islands, sometimes interconnected with each other and the mainland by bridges. Indeed, Wando is on an island and we watched ferries come and go all the time as we ate lunch overlooking the harbour on our way back to Jeju today. There are all sorts of opportunities for exploration in the future.

Wando_3As you can see, fishing is a big industry, and there were fish drying in the sun, and for sale in the shops and in the restaurants. It’s still very hot here and the skies have been mostly cloudless for the last few days, so it seems perfect weather to dry the seafood. It wasn’t only fish in Wando – in the flatter areas of land nearby there are large areas of rice, and poly-tunnels, as well as other agricultural products. Nothing goes to waste, it seems…Wando_4

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