Do you remember the time when spam was a kind of processed meat? Well, in Korea, that’s still true. We’ve noticed it in the supermarkets but Edward spotted an interesting link on the BBC website ( that has prompted me to write something on my blog about it.

We had the annual Chuseok (mid-Autumn) national holiday last week, and according to the BBC, gifts of Spam are quite common at Chuseok. So, here’s a photo I took in the bus station in the small town of Haenam as we passed through: for travellers who need a present for their relatives, gift packs of Spam. It seems to be a legacy of the Korean War – another US cultural export which is still going strong 60 years on.

For those who subscribe to my blog, I hope the e-mail about this post doesn’t end up in your trash folder…

4 thoughts on “Spam

  1. Spam used to be a recurring item in my school lunchbox. Spam sandwiches, Spam and rice, Spam and noodles… The company must have made so much money with the amount I ate!

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