Jeju City bus station

Jeju_bus_station2I’ve been to plenty of bus stations over the years, in all sorts of places. To be honest, they’re not the most inspiring of places. The one in Jeju City is no exception, especially on a Sunday afternoon – a few sleepy restaurants, some shops selling snacks and last-minute cheap souvenirs. Even on a clear and sunny day with distant views of Mt Halla, it has an unprepossessing, functional, feel to it.

There are old women waiting for busses, not quite like the statue outside the station but not so different either. We helped one elderly lady, clearly not as frail as she looked, heave a large sack on to her head at Haenam bus station a few weeks ago. In Jeju, the regular travellers are joined by hikers on their way to and from the different olle (walking) trails around the island.

Maybe the fact that I’d travelled to Jeju to try and buy a new bike, only to find the bike shop closed, and the fact that I had to wait over an hour for a bus home, didn’t help me form a positive impression. For all that, it’s still good to be able to explore, watch, and take in the sights and sounds of new places.Jeju_bus_station

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