Jeoji Oreum

Jeoji2This is Jeoji Oreum, a short distance from Global Education City. The photos really don’t do justice to the remarkable form of the feature. As with many of the oreum, it rises steeply out of the relatively flat surrounding farmland. The photo on the left looks southwards across from one ridge of the volcano to the opposite side, over the canopy of the trees that fill the crater, to the coast beyond.Tangerines

The photo below is looking westwards. The coast line is just a few miles away and I assume that both the feature on the skyline and the island beyond are volcanic, albeit not as well-formed and regular as Jeoji Oreum.

The photo on the right adds a touch of colour. The tangerines, a Jeju speciality, are ripening and there was a stack of crates in the field ready to harvest them.

View from Jeoji Oreum

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