We’ve just got back from a few days travelling on the mainland. We started by taking the ferry from Jeju to Mokpo, a fishing town in the South West.


As a fishing town, there was a fish market as well as lots of fish drying in the sun on racks along the streets.


I can only guess at how hygienic it all is. There’s no attempt to keep the flies off the drying fish, although sometimes there’s an old lady waving a stick, in a casual kind of way, over the fresh fish in the market to keep it free of flies. I should probably be under no illusions about the care and handling of some of the things that end up on my plate.


I have no idea what the different kinds of fish are. I don’t really know if I’ve eaten them, given the different forms in which they’re served.

Whatever, please tell me that I haven’t eaten any of the things below. The photo’s not so good because they’re being kept alive under water, but these really are the most distasteful looking things I’ve seen yet.



A colleague has given me a Wikipedia link:

Wikipedia says “This spoon worm is commonly eaten raw with salt and sesame oil in Korea”.

7 thoughts on “Mokpo

  1. Maybe you should try to find out what the word hygiene or health and safety is in the local language, then maybe you’ll find a definition and see if it’s the same as how you understand the word. I would be very impressed if you tried eating whatever that underwater thingy is. Let me know what it tastes like.

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