Olympic Park


Olympic_Park3Sunday afternoon in Seoul’s Olympic Park. It’s a popular destination for local people and rightly so, with a network of paths through landscaped grounds, autumn colours and warm sunshine.

 It’s also a really nice reminder of the 1988 games. There are still some stadia there (although I don’t know what use is made of them now), the arch in the photo above at one entrance with an flame burning beneath, as well as other momentos. The wall in the photo on the left records the winners of all events (second counts for nothing, it seems).

I found the rowing results. There they are – S. Redgrave and A. Holmes – winners of the coxless pair. It was their second gold, both having been in the coxed four that won in Los Angeles four years earlier, and they also won a bronze in Seoul in the coxed pair.

Andy Holmes died in 2010 from Weil’s disease, after competing in a rowing event, aged 51.


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