Fish festival


Our nearest town is the port of Museulpo, and I’ve posted pictures of the fishing fleet before. It’s an ordinary, working, not-so-smart kind of place. I feel I should take some photos of the town before the changes that the growing Global Education City will inevitably bring.

Anyway, it’s just held a four-day fish festival. The fish theme included the chance, for the cost of 15,000 Korean Won, to put on waders, get into a big pool of water, and try to catch the fish released into the pool using just your gloved hands. The crowd enjoyed the spectacle and the guy in the top photo enjoyed posing for some photos.


There was also a children’s version in an adjacent pool in which they used fishing nets – passing local traditions on to the next generation, perhaps.


Naturally, there were plenty of opportunities to eat sea food. Some of it looked good, but some was mainly of interest through the lens of a camera.


I certainly wasn’t going to try these shellfish, roasting on hot coals and bubbling away as they cooked…


…or these ones. It looked as if you bought them by the can-full. I don’t know how you ate them – I guess you scooped them out the shells somehow.

And when you’ve had enough seafood, there were always the cooked grubs (or whatever they are), slowly simmering over a gas ring. You can buy these in the supermarket, in tins. In the supermarket in Museulpo, they’re on the shelf next to the tins of Spam.


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