Korea’s southernmost point


This is Korea’s southernmost point, just a few miles from Global Education City. From the southern tip of Jeju, you can look along the coast to see the cliffs of Songaksan (yes, it’s another volcano); if you look southwards, you can see the Korean islands of Gapado and, further away, Marado.


But is it Marado really the southernmost point of Korea? According to The Guardian newspaper, South Korea also claims the Senkaku islands, even further south. Those are the islands around which China has just declared a “East China Sea Air Defence Identification Zone”, raising the tension between China and Japan. As it says on the BBC website, China’s defence ministry have said that aircraft entering the zone must obey its rules or face “emergency defensive measures”.

The zone really isn’t far from Jeju – you may even be able to see into it from Jeju, beyond the islands in the photo.

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