The Art of Travel


There’s a little café near Global Education City, on the road that turns left from the roundabout in front of O’Sulloc’s Tea Museum and just beyond the Jeju Glass Castle Museum, set nowhere in particular amongst farm houses, roadside shops selling Mandarin oranges, and the like. It sells burgers and drinks and just has a couple of tables and a row of chairs at a bar against one of the walls. It’s one of many that we’ve found that are good to visit and in which to read a book (or e-book) over a hot drink.

It even has a Korean-language copy of Alain de Botton’s “The Art of Travel” on the shelf. Who’d have thought it? It’s an amusing book, taking an unconventional look at travel and talking about things that you don’t find mentioned in the guidebooks.

I also liked the sign on the wall, below.


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