The selfie – alive and well on Jeju

Selfie3I took these photos a while ago but I thought I would publish them today, in celebration of the Oxford English Dictionary’s recent announcement of ‘selfie’ as the word of the year. My spell-checker hasn’t kept up, by the way – every time I use the word it’s underlined in red.


These pictures were taken on Hallim beach one evening a month or so ago, with the sun setting over the sea and an island in the background. OK, so the setting was nice, but there’s no need to take quite so many selfies, is there?


At least if you’re holding a smart phone at arm’s length it makes it more difficult to make a ‘V’ sign next to your face with two fingers.

5 thoughts on “The selfie – alive and well on Jeju

  1. I’m disappointed that you didn’t try a selfie. They’re a brilliant idea when you’re on holiday alone any don’t feel like trusting strangers with your camera, iPhone or iPad. I took one or two when I was in Australia. Give it a try!

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