Fishermen on the rocks

Songaksan_from_the_sea5I took these photos a couple of weekends ago, from the boat on the way back from Marado. They’re all of Songaksan, the volcano at the southern tip of Jeju.

Songaksan_from_the_sea3In the space of just a few minutes we approached the coast, rounded a headland and then passed the most remarkable series of rock formations. Songaksan is impressive when you’re on top, looking at the strange, wrinkled, formations you walk on, but it’s even more so when you see it from sea level. Maybe the complex rock formations you can see from sea level explain why the land surface itself is so irregular.

Songaksan_from_the_sea4If you’re looking at the photos on your smart phone, you may not see the fishermen at the foot of the cliffs in two of the photos. The pictures are worth looking at on a bigger scale, I suggest.


And one more – five full-width photos in one post isn’t my usual format but I have to add the one below with the huge stacks waiting to collapse into the sea.


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