A view of Busan


I had a stop-over in Busan on the way from Jeju to Tokyo, long enough to take a bus into the city and explore for a few hours.

It looks like a very interesting city, one worth returning to. I wandered round the market to start with, naturally. I did like the stacks of eggs on the back of the bike in the photo above. However, it was freezing and in order to get some warmth back into my toes I went up the Busan Tower.


What views! You get a real sense of how it’s a city built in a landscape of low-lying land and steep hills, with a coastline of islands and bays. The hills are too steep and high to be built on so have the effect of geographically separating different parts of the city.

It’s one of those places that probably barely registers on the conciousness of many people in the UK, but it’s the second largest city in Korea with 3.6 million people and one of the busiest ports in the world.


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