Kusatsu, Gunma Prefecture

Kusatsu2I enjoy Yokohama and Tokyo, but it was a relief to take the bus to Kusatsu in Gunma Prefecture. Kusatsu is a world away from the high-rise, neon-light, relentless city. There are no multi-level highways, railways and subway; there are no commuters going to work in the morning in crowded trains, or making their way home late in the evening; there are no crowded department stores.


Kusatsu is an onsen town in the hills. Steam rises from water courses throughout the little town, and there’s a smell of sulphur in the air. I explored the town (which takes barely an hour to do) and the little temples, drank tea in style, and relaxed.


I stayed in a Japanese-style ryokan and had a delicious supper. I know this is becoming a bit of a theme of my time in Japan, but maybe this will be the last picture of food for a while.


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