pyo3I added to my international experience of pick-your-own today, the fruit this time being Jeju’s mandarin oranges. For 5000 Korean Won per person, we could visit a farm with some rather tired displays (a butterfly house with no butterflies, some fish tanks which were mostly empty, a tank with a beetle that would have been interesting if it hadn’t been lying on its back with its legs in the air). There were some better bits, but you get the picture.

The 5000 Won also allowed you to go into the orchard with the mandarins and eat as many as you like. For another 15000 Won, we were able to pick 5 kg to take away. You can buy them more cheaply in the shops, but perhaps it’s part of the Jeju experience to pick them.

The picture above is of an oven in which mandarins were being baked. I would never have thought it but warm mandarins are very tasty.

pyo1Talking of insects, I spotted this one while picking. I’m almost certain that it was just a shell, or simply dead. The fruit behind gives a good idea of how big it was.

And, this being Jeju, there were a couple of graves in amongst the fruit trees and farm buildings. Insects and grave sites – I thought we could take Beatrix when she visits Jeju.


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