Olle 7


True to form, we walked Olle 7 today, the third trail in three weeks – more islands, volcanic cliffs and coastline, and little harbours. The sun shone all day in a mostly cloudless sky over the East China Sea (sorry, UK readers, but it’s usually like that) and, considering this is supposed to be winter, it was a perfectly pleasant temperature.

The volcanic islands off this part of the coast are part of the Jeju biosphere reserve, as designated by UNESCO in 2002. They rise sharply out of the sea and different aspects gradually emerge as you pass along the coast.

I’ve talked about how people create piles of stones, often around Buddhist temples. I took the photo below showing how the hollows in this vertical face of volcanic rock have been filled with pebbles. I have no good explanation.Olle_7_2


One thought on “Olle 7

  1. I love the picture of those stones in their nests – I thought to start with that they’d been rolling around to hollow out the holes, but on a vertical face? Strange.

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