Plenty for the geologist on Olle 10


Olle trail 10 is home territory, with the finish point in Museulpo (or Moseulpo, depending on how it has been transliterated), close to Global Education City. So I knew that the route went past the volcanic features of Sanbangsan and Songaksan but I didn’t know about some of the features at the start of the trail.


Within a few hundred metres of the start you come across this debris of stratified conglomerate (I made that up) fallen from the cliffs along the edge of the sea. That’s Sanbangsan in the background of the picture above.


A few hundred metres further on and it’s all change; it’s back to the volcanic black rock that’s so common on Jeju.


Here are a couple of pictures of columnar jointing. You can see this in lots of places along the south coast of the island but to see it in such close proximity to the sand-coloured rock we’d passed a few hundred metres earlier, and which returns later along the trail, was quite something.


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