Follow the plough

Spring4OK, so it’s not a plough in the photo, but the fields that now cover the old Altteuru airfield were full of activity this morning. Also, it’s my 100th post on this blog so I feel entitled to a little poetic license. People were tilling and planting, and laying out polythene over the soil, often stretched over bamboo hoops to give plants room to grow underneath. I wonder if the lady in the photo above ever gets to drive the tractor while the man works behind it?

Spring1There were also plenty of crops being harvested, or ready to be harvested. Those are sacks of large radish (like daikon in Japan) in the photo above, with a grave site immediately behind. I posted a photo of a cabbage before but here’s another one for good measure.


And there’s canola (or oil seed rape) everywhere, cultivated or amongst other cultivated crops or on uncultivated patches of land.


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