Eongtto Pokpo on Olle 7-1


This is Eongtto Pokpo, a 50 metre waterfall on Olle trail 7-1. There’s no water in it, but that’s my experience with most Jeju water features – there are any number of dry river beds, deep and full of boulders and with the occasional puddle. There’ll be a rainy season in the summer so maybe, briefly, the rivers will fill.


Olle 7-1 isn’t part of the circuit of trails that circumnavigates the island; it’s a spur that starts at the World Cup stadium on Seogwipo, loops inland and ends on the coast at Oedolgae, the starting point for Olle 7. As a reminder that it’s spring, I took the photos below while on the trail.


4 thoughts on “Eongtto Pokpo on Olle 7-1

  1. gorgeous berrys and signs of spring Al. Funny to think that Korea also has dandelions and clover although the others are a mystery to me. That reminds me, must go and do some weeding!!

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  3. You know, I’m not sure if it’s the same waterfall, but I think I just might have seen Eongtto Pokpo when it actually had water flowing! I do have a photo of what I saw.

    By the way, those plant pictures are lovely!

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