Jeju marathon


I ran my first half-marathon in over 18 months on Sunday. The race was due to take place in April but was postponed out of respect for the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster. In addition to the playing of the Korean national anthem before the race, music was also played while everyone stood and remembered the victims.

I made quite a profit on my entry fee. For a start, the price label on the souvenir t-shirt was more than the entry fee; I then took second place in the over-50 category, for which I won a trophy and 15 vouchers for 10,000 Won each – that’s getting on for £100. I’ll have to find out where I can spend them.

I usually avoid posting photos of myself on this blog but the one below, of me with my fellow prize-winners, made me smile.


7 thoughts on “Jeju marathon

  1. Congratulations on your result! Though looking at the photo, your stride must have about 50‰ more reach than the other competitors……

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