The rules are different here…


I’m not sure that any text is necessary for this post, certainly not for readers in the UK. I’ve been meaning to post on this subject for a while and could have taken equivalent pictures multiple times. Anyway, I took these in Museulpo this morning in the space of five minutes. You just have to smile.


If you’re reading this in South Korea, I’m sorry for the little tease. Alternatively, if this looks like a random post about nothing in particular, let me know and I’ll explain.



2 thoughts on “The rules are different here…

  1. Funny! My dad once had to pay a fine for parking overlapping about a foot of the zig-zag on one side of a zebra crossing when he went to the chip shop. (Which I suppose it sensible, really, as it would have blocked the sight-lines. He was annoyed though!)

  2. A good spot, Alan! Just around the corner’s from Fran’s parents in Spain, there’s a wide zebra crossing that takes you from a pavement on one side of a busy road, straight to… a long brick wall on the other. No matter how hard we’re tried, we just can’t work out what the workmen were thinking.

    btw what’s the logic of each zebra being a double side-by-side one in your pictures, is that normal??

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