Fields of green


Jeju is said to have an abundance of three things: rocks, women and wind. The first two refer to the volcanic rock that’s everywhere and to the women who work the fields and dive for fish. Jeju men are reputed to be lazy and it’s common to see teams of women toiling in the fields.

It can be windy here and there’s a Jeju photographer, the late Kim Young Gap, who captured the effects of the wind by using slow shutter speeds for his landscape photos. The blurred images of grasses and branches in the photos testify to the wind playing across the landscape.

I haven’t tried to emulate Kim Young Gap in these photos – I took them with my iPhone, after all. I think the crop is millet, which I spotted as I headed to the west coast on my bike last weekend, and I enjoyed the combination of the golden green of the crop and the darkness of the earth and the rocks.


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