I took these photos in the area of orange groves and farmland nearby, an area where I run regularly. There’s a network of concrete tracks which provide a good set of options for different routes.

It’s September. It’s still hot and green and there’s a constant noise of cicadas and similar insects. The pumpkins and citrus and peppers are ripening although it’s going to be a couple of months yet before the oranges change colour and the harvest starts.



And it’s always worth keeping an eye on the path ahead, especially on warm days. The Mantis below (male – the females are green and larger) isn’t going to do any harm but I’d rather not tread on him.


As I approach twigs and branches on the path, on the other hand, I need to be sure that they aren’t going to turn out to be a snake. I guess they’re not going to do any harm either but I’m not in a hurry to test that out.


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