Olle 18


The strong north-easterly winds made for a lively day on Olle 18 yesterday. The trail starts in Jeju City and heads eastwards for over 18 km, following the coast for much of the way. In places, the water was washing over the roads, leaving a debris of flotsum scattered when the water receded. Sections of volcanic-stone walls had been washed out, with granite stones left as rubble. The photo below cost me my dry feet and left me walking with soggy boots for the rest of the day.

I don’t know if this is the edge of Typhoon Vongfong – the biggest storm of 2014 – which is currently heading northwards towards Okinawa. It’s still a long way from Jeju but must be responsible for this weekend’s high winds.


This fisherman must have felt it worth his while to stand on the rocks. He’s out of harm’s way and he must think the fish will bite. Or maybe he’s just enjoying his vantage point as the waves pound the rocks below.



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