Museulpo in winter


I write a separate blog about Museulpo ( so tend not to write about it on this blog. This little port on the south-west coast of Jeju is the closest town to Global Education City and is a town in transition. There’s a lot of building going on and the influx of thousands of people nearby must be a factor.

Although the ongoing construction will change the character of the place, it’s still a working town and port with plenty of narrow streets and modest homes, derelict buildings and plots of land. You can buy a cheap and nutritious meal at a Korean restaurant or spend the same money on a hot drink at one of the cafes that cater for more western tastes.

I hope you noticed the green net in the photo below, suspended on a wire and containing drying fish. Those fish are going to be exposed to the northerly winds that have seen temperatures drop this week, the squally showers of rain, sleet and snow. Winter has arrived but at least the sun didn’t set until 5:24 this evening, compared with 3:50 in the UK.




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