On the rocks


I took these photos on the Yongmeori coast on Saturday, down on my hands and knees to get a close-up. It wasn’t until I looked closely that I realise that the things that look like large brown woodlice seem to have formed a seal around them; I have no idea how they do it or how permanent it is. It is interesting to look closely at all these little creatures fixed to the rocks, jostling for space in the best positions.






We weren’t the only people walking round the Yongmeori peninsular today. It’s set below Sanbangsan and just a few miles from Global Education City and the walk is closed if the tide is high or the waves too big. There was no danger of getting swept away today; indeed, there were many opportunities to sit down with a plate of sea food, as fresh as it comes, taken from a bowl of water and sliced as you wait, and eat it with a bottle of Soju (the local alcoholic drink). Even washed down with something strong, I wouldn’t be tempted by any of the unpleasant-looking options that were being cut up.



It’s easy to get blasé about the geology on Jeju, but Yongmeori is quite something. It’s originally a hydro-volcanic structure, subsequently subject to a process of erosion and deposition, the result being a low-level ledge around the peninsular backed by sculpted cliffs.