April evening on Gwakji Beach


Gwakji Beach is not so far from Global Education City on Jeju’s north-west coast and is a popular destination for expats and locals. Having said that, there were very few people there just before sunset this evening – a couple of families, two people on the rocks who looked as if they were collecting shellfish, and that’s about it. Very peaceful.


Gwakji Beach

Gwakji Beach

We went to Gwakji beach, on the north side of the island, last night along with all new members of staff and their families. The sea was warm and the children had a great time.

It was raining when we arrived, which caused some humour about the British at the seaside; Jeju has had six weeks of dry weather but that uncharacteristic dry spell has just broken. So, our first stop was one of the restaurants behind the beach. We chose Korean – a spicy mackerel stew, a seafood pancake and a Korean beer.

Mackeral Stew