Autumn on Olle trail 10

We walked on Olle trail 10 this morning, starting in the middle and heading westwards. There’s lots to see, including sites that are important reminders of the Japanese occupation and Jeju’s violent post-war history. That’s getting ahead of myself and I’ll write something about both of those things in due course.

For now, I just want to post some photos of the Jeju autumn. It’s the middle of November and, although the temperatures have dropped steadily, it was mild and sunny today.

Thanks to Diana for the hint about creating a gallery of photos.

One thought on “Autumn on Olle trail 10

  1. Great gallery! I’ve only just seen it, as I’ve not been checking my Reader very often. I like the spiky seed heads – they look rather like UK burdock, but elongated instead of round.

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