The sun shines on Olle 9


There have been never-ending gales and rain in the UK and disruption caused by snow in Yokohama, but it’s been bright and sunny on Jeju today; blue skies, warmth in the sun, the gentle sound of waves on the beach. Can you see any clouds in these photos? I can’t.

We walked Olle 9 today, which is shorter than most of the trails that circle the island. It follows the coast in the early part, climbing from the little harbour at Daepyeong to the top of the cliffs in the picture above before turning inland to Wolla-bong peak. It then follows the Andeok valley back to the coast at Hwasun.


There’s a view from the side of Wolla-bong across the small town of Hwasun to Sanbangsan in the photo below. Sanbangsan, which is also in the photo at the top of my blog, is the most prominent feature of this part of the island, rising steeply from the mostly flat landscape around it.

I’ve been careful to make sure the industrial buildings and chimneys of Hwasun haven’t appeared in any photos before, but it’s probably more honest to include them in at least one photo.


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