To Yongsu for lunch


It was to Yongsu for lunch today – panini and blueberry smoothie in the cafe ‘By Lynn’. It’s a 16 km bike ride from GEC, mostly downhill, through Jeoji and Josu villages and along quiet Jeju roads and past typical Jeju landscapes.

I was reminded of Thomas Hood’s poem, November, which captures the (alleged) greyness of the month in the UK. Jeju is quite the opposite; although yesterday was thoroughly wet, the November skies have been clear and blue so far and today was bright and breezy. The poem starts:

No sun-no moon!
No morn-no noon!
No dawn-no dusk–no proper time of day-
No sky-no earthly view-
No distance looking blue-

You get the picture.



The cafe faces westwards, overlooking Chagwido and Wado Islands and southwards to Suwolbong. It’s great to be living in such a landscape.


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