Hallim Port


It’s very difficult to judge from the ‘Tour Map of Jeju’ how big a place is. It tells you where all the filming sights are of popular Korean TV programs, but I’d be more interested in an accurate representation of the layout and topography. Is that an unreasonable hope?

Anyway, the map shows ‘Hallim Port’, about 20 km to the north, but gives very little clue about the size. It turns out to be a reasonably large town with a fleet of fishing boats. They were preparing to go out late yesterday afternoon – we watched one boat loading sacks of ice and taking nets on board through a set of rollers. Many of them carried a set of flags on bamboo poles, presumably so to locate their nets when they were in the water.


There were stalls selling fruit in the town. The tangerines have been turning orange on the trees over the last couple of weeks and I assume the ones we see for sale now are this season’s crop. There are also persimmon, which look delicious.


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